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The Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Canada 150

Canada 150

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Name Value
Date of Issue June 1, 2017
Year 2017
Quantity 580,000
Current monetary value: $0.92.
Perforation or Dimension 40 mm x 40 mm (maple leaf die-cut)
Series Canada 150
Series Time Span 2017
Printer Lowe-Martin
Postal Administration Canada

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Dimension: 40 mm x 40 mm (maple leaf die-cut)
Printing Process: Lithography in 6 colours
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Dimension: 40 mm x 40 mm (maple leaf die-cut)
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About Stamp

"For the 150th year since Confederation, Canada Post expanded its storytelling role by issuing 10 stamps – in the shape of a maple leaf for the first time in their history."

Together we rise

The Canada 150 issue celebrates 10 of our country’s most transformative moments. These special stamps recreate the events that united us, moved us forward and made us proud to be Canadian. Casting our eyes back on the past 50 years since our centennial in 1967, Canada Post selected 10 truly iconic milestones and accomplishments from a wealth of social progress, innovation and other significant achievements that have positioned us as a vibrant and successful nation on the world stage.

There is no question that we Canadians have so much to celebrate for Canada 150. We are a model of tolerance and diversity to the world - a fact reflected in some of the 10 chosen topics. We showed ourselves to be a nation poised for progress during our 100th anniversary, and over the past five decades, we have proved ourselves as builders, creators and inventors, constantly meeting the challenge to be the very best. We have succeeded and achieved greatness in science, sports, leadership and much more. That excellence, that achievement, is an integral part of this stamp issue.

We want to share this Canada 150 celebration with you - not just through these 10 magnificent maple leaf-shaped stamps - but through the stories behind them, the unveilings where we came together with Canadians across this land - and together we rose, lumps in our collective throats, so proud of what we’ve accomplished and empowered to take on the challenges of the future.

The Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Stamp

"The Constitution Act, 1982, officially gave Canada full sovereignty, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gave every citizen fundamental protection."

On a rainy April 17, 1982, in front of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, more than 30,000 people watched Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau sign the Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982. With that, Canada formally assumed authority over its Constitution – a critical step to full sovereignty. Until that day, only the British Parliament could amend our Constitution.

The Constitution Act, 1982, patriated or brought home the British North America Act of 1867 by changing its name and turning it into a wholly Canadian law that only the Government of Canada could amend. It also enacted the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms for Canadians. The Charter has irrevocably changed Canada and how we live. It strengthens civil liberties and places more limits on police powers. The Charter affirms that every individual is equal under the law and has equal protection and benefit of the law – which has been a crucial guarantee for minority groups.

Canadians fully embrace the Charter as an important national symbol, and it has been a model for other countries’ legislation on human rights. It has earned Canada accolades as a fair and just society.

The unveiling occurred on the very spot where Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the architects of the Constitution and Charter negotiations made history in 1982. Canada Post unveiled the Canada 150 Constitution stamp May 3 on Parliament Hill.


Design: Subplot Design Inc. | Photos: Constitution – Library and Archives Canada.

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Canada Post Details Magazine. June 2017, Volume XXVI NO 7.

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