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New Issue - Crabapple Blossoms

Today, Canada Post issued a new set of flower stamps highlighting crabapple blossoms. These new stamps belong to Canada Post's popular flower series that started back in 2005 and are commonly used on wedding stationary. According to Canada Post, "The pretty pink flower of the Malus 'Rosseau', bred by renowned ornamental plant breeder Isabella Preston, was first introduced at the Central Experimental...
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St. Lawrence Seaway Inverted Stamp Error

Possibly Canada’s most famous stamp error, the St. Lawrence Seaway inverted stamp was Canada’s first major printing error. Leading up to the circulation of this inverted stamp, Canada Post had prided itself in guarding against the accidental release of error stamps. Since this was the first significant error of its kind for the Canadian postal service, this stamp is largely...
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Prairie Street Scene Canada Stamp

The Canadian 50-cent Prairie Street Scene stamp has a unique story to tell. It was issued by two separate printing companies, and it contains a few fascinating varieties. First off, when this stamp was initially released, the postal service did not publicize the location of the prairie town. For a while, it was unknown, but enthusiastic collectors eventually concluded that...
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The Design of the Crowfoot and MacLeod Stamps

Originally, both Crowfoot and James Macleod were going to be commemorated on a single stamp. I had questioned the problem of who should go in the front or on top, which lead to the decision to issue it as a series of two stamps. These stamps were issued to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Peace Treaty. To depict this in the design, there is a darkness...
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