Today, Canada Post issued a new set of flower stamps highlighting crabapple blossoms. These new stamps belong to Canada Post's popular flower series that started back in 2005 and are commonly used on wedding stationary. According to Canada Post, "The pretty pink flower of the Malus 'Rosseau', bred by renowned ornamental plant breeder Isabella Preston, was first introduced at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa in 1928. The delicate white bloom of Malus 'Maybride', a dwarf cultivar bred by Preston’s successors Daniel Foster Cameron and Dexter Reid Sampson, was first made available to the public in 1973." These fragrant blossoms are a delight each spring season in Canada, and the crabapples that come in the fall, which tend to be tart in flavour, are commonly used in jams and jellies.

These stamps are available in a booklets, souvenir sheets, and coils.