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Name Value
Date of Issue June 1, 2012
Year 2012
Quantity 30,000,000
1-cent Definitive, Non-Profit Organization
Denomination Value $0.01
Perforation or Dimension 0.87x 0.98 in./22.10 x 24.89 mm
Issue Location San Marcos, TX 78666 (Field Event)
Postal Administration United States

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Coil of 3,000 (1 Design)

Quantity Produced - 10,000
Original Purchase Price: $30.00
SKU: 789100
Dimension: 10,000.00 x 0.98 in./254,000 x 24.89 mm
Printer: Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd. (APU)
Printed at: Williamsville, NY
Printing Process: Offset/Microprint “USPS”
Gum Type: Pressure-sensitive
Paper: Nonphosphored, Type III
Layout Number: “P” followed by four (4) single digits
Layout Number Frequency: Sequential numbering in increments of 10 located behind every 10th stamp throughout the coil
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First Day Cover (1 , 1- $0.44 U.s. Flag)

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $0.89
SKU: 789162
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About Stamp

On June 1, 2012, in San Marcos, Texas, the Postal Ser­vice™ will issue a 1-cent Bobcat definitive stamp in one design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) coil of 3,000 stamps. The stamp will go on sale nationwide June 1, 2012.

This 1-cent stamp features a bold graphic of a bobcat (Lynx rufus), a member of the feline family found across the United States. The bobcat’s golden eyes and pink nose make a striking contrast with its fur, rendered in shades of brown.

The bobcat is a medium-size cat, and is a proficient hunter, stalking its prey with patience and stealth. Much of its diet consists of rabbits and rodents, but the bobcat is not particular when it comes to choosing its next meal. Bobcats are found in a wide range of terrestrial environments, including mountains, forests, and deserts. Tufts of fur on the tips of their ears, and short bobbed tails, help distinguish bobcats from other felines. Bobcats are mostly nocturnal and live in solitude, finding dens in caves or rocks. In the wild, bobcats can live more than 12 years.

Nationally-known illustrator Nancy Stahl worked with art director Carl T. Herrman on this highly stylized design.


Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow


Designer: Carl T. Herrman, North Las Vegas, NV.
Art Director: Carl T. Herrman, North Las Vegas, NV.
Typographer: Carl T. Herrman, North Las Vegas, NV.
Artist: Nancy Stahl, New York, NY.
Modeler: Joseph Sheeran.

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USPS Postal Bulletin 22336. Copyright: USPS.

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