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Glade Creek Grist Mill

Stamp Info

Name Value
Date of Issue September 29, 2014
Year 2014
Quantity 5,000,000
$5.75 Priority Mail Price
Denomination Value $5.75
Perforation or Dimension 1.56 x 1.23 in./39.62 x 31.12 mm
Issue Location Danese, WV 25831
Postal Administration United States

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Pane of 10 (1 Design)

Quantity Produced - 500,000
Original Purchase Price: $57.50
SKU: 117300
Dimension: 4.12 x 7.12 in./104.65 x 180.85 mm
Printer: Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd. (APU)
Printed at: Williamsville, NY
Printing Process: Offset
Gum Type: Pressure-sensitive adhesive
Paper: Non-phosphored Type III, Block Tag
Layout Number: “P” followed by four (4) single digits
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Press Sheet With Die Cuts

Quantity Produced - 500
Original Purchase Price: $345.00
SKU: 117306
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Press Sheet Without Die Cuts

Quantity Produced - 500
Original Purchase Price: $345.00
SKU: 117308
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First-day Cover

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $6.19
SKU: 117316
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Digital Color Postmark

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $6.90
SKU: 117321
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Stamp Deck Card

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $0.95
SKU: 117331
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About Stamp

On September 29, 2014, in Danese, WV, the U.S. Postal Service® will issue the Glade Creek Grist Mill stamp (Priority Mail® priced at $5.75) in one design, in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 10 stamps. The stamp will go on sale September 29, 2014.

With this stamp, the U.S. Postal Service® celebrates one of West Virginia's most photographed landmarks, the Glade Creek Grist Mill.

The stamp art captures the historic, aged beauty of the mill in its pristine setting along Glade Creek. The water flows by the mill and around boulders and rock formations along the creek bed. Surrounding the mill are trees in early autumn colors of greens, yellows, and oranges.

Located in Babcock State Park in Fayette County, West Virginia, the mill looks as though it has existed on that site for hundreds of years. In reality, it is a modern re-creation, completed in 1976, of a mill that had once stood nearby on Glade Creek. The look is authentic, however, as the new mill was constructed from parts taken from three historic West Virginia mills.

The Stoney Creek Grist Mill provided much of the basic structure. The 1890s mill was moved to Babcock piece by piece from its location near Campbelltown in Pocahontas County. Other parts came from the Onego Grist Mill, located near Seneca Rocks in Pendleton County. The water wheel was salvaged after a fire destroyed most of the Spring Run Grist Mill near Petersburg in Grant County.

Mills were once the center of local farming communities, offering the necessary service of grinding wheat, corn, and other grains, a backbreaking task when done by hand. The mill stands as a monument to the more than 500 West Virginia gristmills that were in operation at the turn of the 20th century.

Art director Derry Noyes designed the stamp with original art by Dan Cosgrove.

The Glade Creek Grist Mill stamp is being issued at the Priority Mail® price.


Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow


Designer: Derry Noyes, Washington, DC.
Art Director: Derry Noyes, Washington, DC.
Typographer: Derry Noyes, Washington, DC.
Artist: Dan Cosgrove, Chicago, IL.
Modeler: Joseph Sheeran.

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USPS Postal Bulletin 22398. Copyright: USPS.

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