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Pink Calla - Coil


Stamp Info

Name Value
Date of Issue March 1, 2022
Year 2022
Quantity 3,250,000
Current monetary value: $0.92.
Series Calla
Series Time Span 2022
Postal Administration Canada

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Coil of 50 Stamps

Quantity Produced - 130,000
Original Purchase Price: $46.00
Perforation: Simulated perforation
Dimension: 20 mm x 24 mm
Printer: Lowe-Martin
Printing Process: Lithography in 4 colours
Gum Type: Pressure sensitive
Tagging: General tagging, four sides
Paper: Tullis Russell
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About Stamp Series

Most of us refer to the graceful trumpet-shaped flowers that often adorn weddings and other occasions as calla lilies. But it seems we’ve been wrong all along! The calla (Zantedeschia) – native to the southern parts of Africa – isn’t a lily at all. It’s a member of the unusual arum family (Araceae), which includes peace lily, skunk cabbage and jack-in-the-pulpit. The cut flower’s beauty and longevity may account for its ubiquity in floral arrangements but, like many plants now cherished for their aesthetic value, the calla has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes.

In the Victorian language of flowers, the calla has much to say, each message determined by its colour. White, for example, signifies purity and innocence, while pink conveys admiration and appreciation, and near-black evokes elegance and mystery.

Designed by Paprika, with illustrations by Fanny Roy, the stamp issue depicts the calla in the popular colours of white and pink. Given that the annual flower stamp is popular for mailing wedding invitations and that the calla is one of the top choices for nuptial flowers, we think we’re looking at a perfect match.


Stamp Designer: Paprika. Stamp Illustrator: Fanny Roy.

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