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Planet Earth

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Name Value
Date of Issue January 28, 2013
Year 2013
Quantity 80,000,000
$1.10 First-Class Mail International Forever
Denomination Value $1.10
Perforation or Dimension 1.41 x 1.41 in./35.81 x 35.81 mm
Issue Location New York, NY 10199 (Field Event)
Postal Administration United States

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Pane of 20 (1 Design)

Quantity Produced - 4,000,000
Original Purchase Price: $11.00
SKU: 578800
Dimension: 7.00 x 9.19 in./177.80 x 233.43 mm
Printer: Avery Dennison (AVR)
Printed at: AVR, Clinton, SC
Printing Process: Gravure
Gum Type: Pressure-sensitive
Paper: Prephosphored, Type I
Layout Number: “V” followed by six (6) single digits
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Press Sheet With Die Cuts

Quantity Produced - 2,500
Original Purchase Price: $88.00
SKU: 578806
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Press Sheet Without Die Cuts

Quantity Produced - 2,500
Original Purchase Price: $88.00
SKU: 578808
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First-day Cover

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $1.54
SKU: 578816
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Digital Color Postmark

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $2.25
SKU: 578821
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Keepsake (pane & Digital Color Postmark Set)

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $24.95
SKU: 578810
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Stamp Deck Card

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $0.95
SKU: 578831
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Stamp Deck Card W/digital Color Postmark

Quantity Produced - Unknown
Original Purchase Price: $2.60
SKU: 578832
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About Stamp

On January 28, 2013, in New York, New York, the Postal Service™ will issue a Global First-Class Mail International® stamp (Forever® priced at $1.10) in one design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 20 stamps. The stamp will go on sale nationwide January 28, 2013.

In 2013, the U.S. Postal Service introduces Global Forever®, a new international rate stamp. The Global Forever® stamp offers a single price for any First-Class Mail International 1-ounce letter to any country in the world. For the January 27, 2013, price change, the Global Forever® stamp may also be used to mail a 2-ounce letter to Canada.

This stamp features a rendering of Earth composed of images created from satellite data and redesigned with 3D computer technology. The view of our planet shows the Atlantic Ocean flanked by the Americas, Africa, and part of northern Europe. In the stamp art, the globe is isolated on a white background. The shape of the stamp is round. The text, which surrounds the image of Earth, includes the words “Global Forever.”

Italian artist Leonello Calvetti used a variety of maps, primarily from NASA, to create his design. With 3D computer technology he was able to modify depth, vary color, and create subtle light and shadow details on terrain surfaces to achieve a high level of photorealism while also attaining something new. “I always have been fascinated by space and what astronauts could see from out there,” Calvetti says. “As an artist, an illustrator, I wanted to make my own representation of the Earth.”

Art director William J. Gicker selected this depiction of Earth by Calvetti. Greg Breeding designed the stamp.

The Global Forever® stamps are being issued in self-adhesive sheets of 20 at the $1.10 rate, or $22.00 per sheet.


377 (Green), 7 (Cool Gray), Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black


Designer: Greg Breeding, Charlottesville, VA.
Art Director: William J. Gicker, Washington, DC.
Typographer: Greg Breeding, Charlottesville, VA.
Photographer: Leonello Calvetti, Florence, Italy.
Engraver: Trident.
Modeler: Avery Dennison, Designed and Engineered Solutions.

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USPS Postal Bulletin 22355. Copyright: USPS.

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